Action was a violent action comic published by IPC magazines with the 1st issue appearing on (14th Feb 1976) which ran for a total of 87 issues, this includes the banned, withdrawn issue. the last issue appeared on (4th Dec 1977).

The banned issue appeared on (23rd Oct 1976) of which there are said to be approx 30 copies saved from pulping.


Free Gifts/Comics listed to date...

  • Action #1 - (14th Feb 1976) - The Red Arrow
  • Action #2 - (21st Feb 1976) - Hookjaw t-shirt transfer
  • Action #3 - (28th Feb 1976) - (set 1 of 4) of 16 No. Soccer Super Stars of Britian (64 cards in total)
  • Action #37 - (23rd Oct 1976) - The Banned issue


Action #1


dated - (14th Fec 1976)


Free Gift:

The Red Arrow



red plastic flyer with rubber band housed in illustrated envelope

Action #2


dated - (21st Feb 1976)


Free Gift:

Hookjaw T-shirt iron-on transfer

Action #3

dated - (28th Feb 1976)


Free Gift:

one set of 16No. Soccer Super Stars of Britian housed in an orange card holder



Overall there was one of four sets of 16 cards given free with this issue.  64 cards in total.


Set one: cards (1 - 16)

Set two: cards (17 - 32)

Set three: cards (33 - 48)

Set four: cards (49 - 64)

Action #37


dated - (23rd Oct 1976)




With so many complaints for this series it finally came to head with this issue with its cover text with suicide references.

Newsagents would ban this issue & claimed they would stop stocking all IPC issues. Therefore all issues where pulped with 30 copied saved.

The last copy to be sold through ebay went for £1320.00