The Victor

The Victor was boys comic published by DCThomspon making it's first issue on (25th Feb 1961) & running 1657 issues until (21st Nov 1992)

Free Gifts/Comics listed to date...


  • The Victor #1 - flyer - (17th Feb 1961) - found inside Beano #970
  • The Victor #1 - (25th Feb 1961) - Super Squirt Ring
  • The Victor #1102 - (3rd April 1982) - Spain '82 - World Cup sticker album

The Victor #1 - flyer


This flyer appeared in The Beano #970 (11th Feb 1961) with advierts for the free gifts in the new upcoming Victor comic.

adverts include Super Squirt Gun for issue #1 & Sports Wallent for issue #2

The Victor #1

- dated (25th Feb 1961)


Free Gift:

Super Squirt Ring



The super Squirt ring came taped to the inside pages of the 1st issue of The Victor making it hard to find an issue without surface loss or tape stains internally.

The squirt ring came wth a red water holder & blue ring. The red water holder has an image or two kids like that seen on the cover of the comic.



The Victor #1102

dated - (3rd April 1982)


Free gift:

Spain '82 World Cup sticker album