Nutty comic

Nutty comic made its 1st issue in (23rd Feb 1980) and ran for 292 issues until (14th Sept 1985) when it merged with The Dandy. It's most popular strip being Bananaman who still appears in strips today.

Free gifts/comics listed to date...

  • Nutty comic #2 - (23rd Feb 1980) - Zoomerang frisbee
  • Nutty comic #36 - (18th Oct 1980) - Bananaman badge

Nutty comic #2 - (23rd Feb 1980)


Free Gift:

Zoomerang frisbee



Red plastic frisbee - orignally presented with a white sticker with words 'Zoomerang free gift - from the editor'

Nutty comic #36 - (18th Oct 1980)


Free Gift:

Bananaman badge