Playbox #1114 Date - (12th April 1952) Published by Amalgamated Press

1952 Easter Issue

Comic Contents...
Sonny and Mickey become Cowboys - cover
Uncle Ben - editors page - puzzles & tricks
Flips the cat
Tommy Twinkle - text story
Wonderful Island - text story
Chums of Joly Farm
Wendy - Centre page strip
Hippo Girls - Centre page strip
Sambo the Speeder - Centre page strip
Swondrop's Zoo - Centre page strip
Brave Joe - Centre page strip
Wolly Boys - Centre page strip
Bright Eyes - The Little Film Star
Inky's Easter-Egg Bird - text story
Pets of Mine - text story
Tiger Tim's Birthday Club
Tales by Skipper Dan - back page
Tuffy and his Magic Tail - back page