The Dandy comic #76 Date - (13th May 1939) Published by DC Thomson

Desperate Dan promoting upcoming Korky Balloon free gifts

Comic Contents:
Korky the Cat - cover
Keyhole Kate
Desperate Dan
Jimmy and his Grockle
Old King Cole - text story
Free Gift advert - Desperate Dan promoting upcoming Korky Balloons free gift
Our Gang
Straight from the Jundle to Magic Land - text story
Handy Clark on the Treasure Trail
Wild Young Dirky - text story
Barney Boko
Simple Simon
Hungry Horace
Freddy the Fearless Fly
Smarty Grandpa
Meddlesome Matty
The Man from Laughing Mountain - text story
Never-Never Nelson - The Circus Scout Who Never Fails
The Three Bears - text story
Jokes and Jokes and Jokes - joke page
Wig and Wam - The Skookum Twins
Dopey Dinah
Whistling Jim - text story
Invisible Dick
Bamboo Town - back page

from the collection of John Pollock