Comic Cuts


Comic Cuts was one of the first comic books designed for children and creating the comic book format that was taken up by many of its rivals.

Originally published in 17th May 1890 by Alfred Harmsworth through his publishing company Amalgamted Press. This comic ran until issue #3006 - 12th Sept 1953.

possibly failing to change with the times when compared to the rival coloured comics such as the Beano, Dandy, Eagle etc.

There are thought to be approx 9 known copies of issue #1 that have made it through two world wars & various paper drives.

Free gifts/comics listed to date:

  • Comic Cuts #1 - (17th May 1890)
  • Comic Cuts #1908 - (4th Dec 1926) - Sammy Pull toy
  • Comic Cuts #2964 - (22nd Nov 1952) -Magic Magnifier
  • Comic Cuts #3006 - (12th Sept 1953) - final issue

Comic Cuts #1- (17th May 1890)



1st issue, approx 9 known copies

Comic Cuts # 1908

- (4th Dec 1926)


Free Gift - Sammy pull toy



Sammy was one of the naughty twins who held the front page for many years.

This cardboard gift has a pull-toy feature, by pulling the bottom tag it will make his eyes open & stick out his tongue

Comic Cuts #2964

- (22nd Nov 1952)


Free Gift- Magic Magnifier



plastic magnifier glass housed within a small paper sleeve.


additional notes:

This free gift was reused in TV Fun #1 (14th Sept 1953) the following year. The image of the free gift was never shown in TV Fun #1 but an illustrated advert was to be found in the back pages of the final issue of Comic Cuts #3006


Comic Cuts #3006

- (12th Sept 1953)



- final issue, with note from editor