Tiger Tim's Weekly - (new series)

965 issues - (19th Nov 1921) to (18th May 1940)


Tiger Tim first lauched his own comic adventures within a shoft lived series called Tiger Tim's Tales published by Amalgamated Press lasting 28 issues between 1st March 1919 to 24th Jan 1920.

Originally he appeared within centrefold inserts created for children in the 1890s in  Women's Magazines until he got his own series.

After Tiger Tim's Tales he went on to Tiger Tim's Weekly which lasted for 94 issues from 31st Jan 1921 to 12th Nov 1921.

A new series was lauched in colour between 19th Nov 1921 to 18th May 1940 running for 965 issues.

This was merged with Rainbow comic on 25th May 1940 which  itself ran till 28th April 1956.

Free Gifts/comics listed to date:

  • Tiger Tim's Weekly #218 - (16th Jan 1926) - Tiger Tim's Calender
  • Tiger Tim's Weekly #262 - (20th Nov 1926) - Tim riding bike

Tiger Tim's Weekly (new series) # 218 - (16th Jan 1926)


Free Gift:

Tiger Tim calender



Tiger Tim wth large bow-tie calender

Tiger Tim's Weekly (new series) # 262 - (20th Nov 1926)


Free Gift: Tiger Tim riding bike toy



Cardboard moving toy of Tiger Tim riding a bike. legs move with wheels if pushed along. printed date to rear