The Rover

The Rover was a boys story paper, first printed in (4th March 1922), it ran for 1855 issues until (14th Jan 1961).


The Rover then mereged with Adventure having its first issue on (21st Jan 1961) which ran for 142 issues. This reverted back to The Rover (12th Oct 1963) and then merged with the Wizard in issue #148 (16th Nov 1963).


The Rover & Wizard was printed (23rd Nov 1963) which reverted back to The Rover on issue#148 (16th Aug 1969), this ran until issue #626 on (13th Jan 1973).

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  • The Rover #1597 - (4th Feb 1956) - The Pocket Puzzler

The Rover #1597

- dated (4th Feb 1956)


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The Pocket Puzzler