The Beano #4229 Date - (30th March 2024) Published by DC Thomson

2024 Easter Issue

Comic Contents...
'The Beano Boss'
Terrible Tina -1st app
The Bash Street Kids
Dangerous Dan
Minnie the Minx
Spill the Beans - quiz page
Calamity James
Jem Jones - Ghost Hunter
Hiss-Terical! - joke page
Dennis & Gnasher - Unleashed
Take the Biscuit! - quiz page
Roger the Dodger
Har Har's Joke Shop!
Harsha's Prank Academy No.151 - prank page
Be More Beano - members page
Code you Help? - quiz page
Rubi's Screwtop Science
Betty and the Yeti!
Draw a Unicorn! - art page
Billy Whizz
Angel Face Investigations
Gnasher & Gnipper
'Make me a Menace' - back page