Gerry Anderson comics

Gerry Anderson created one of the most successful TV & comic franchises of the 60s with his world of crime fighting agents from Thunderbirds, TV Centrury 21 (later becoming TV21), Joe 90, Stingray, Captain Scarlet among many others.


TV Century 21 comics:

The 1st issue appeared in (23rd Jan 1965) - # cover dated 23rd Jan 2065 # - the series ran for 154 issues until (30th Dec 1967). During this time it had three Specials all in 1965, the International Extra, Stingray Special and Summer Extra and a Spring Thunderbirds Special in 1967.

The title changed to TV21 and ran from (6th Jan 1968)  for 90 issues until (20th Sept 1969). during this time T.V. Tornado merged in (21st Sept 1968) and the title changed again to TV21 & Joe 90.


Joe 90 comics:

The 1st issue appeared in (18th Jan 1969) and ran for 34 issues until (6th Sept 1969), this was merged into a new title, TV21 & Joe 90 from (13th Sept 1969) running for 105 issues until (25th Sept 1971) when it mereged with Valiant.

Joe 90 comics was restarted in 1994, reprinting old strips but only lasted for 7 issues.


Stingray comics:

Originally, Stingray did not have it's own comic book series, merely appearing within the pages of TV Century 21. It did get its own 1965 Summer Special which came with free gift two stickers.  It eventually got it's own series in 1992 which ran for 24 issues.

Joe 90 comics

Joe 90 #2 - (25th Jan 1969)


Free Gift:


W.I.N. Coderpass

TV21 & Joe 90 #1


dated - (13th Sept 1969)


Free Gift:


The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars in Action stamp album

Modern Series comics

Stingray #1


dated - (10th Oct - 23rd Oct 1992)


Free Gift:


Stingray badge

Joe 90 (1994 series) #1


dated - (29th July 1994)


Free Gift:

'W.I.N' Most Special Agent badge



plastic badge, taped to cover, hard to find issues without surface damage from badge/tape removal

Joe 90 (1994 series) #2


dated - (12th Aug 1994)


Free Gift:


A pair of cardboard Joe 90 glasses

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