Whizzer & Chips


Whizzer & Chips was lauched in 18th Oct 1969 and ran until 27th Oct 1990.

Free Gifts listed:

  • Whizzer & Chips #1 - (18th Oct 1969) - Sheet of 12x Sid Says Stickers
  • Whizzer & Chips - (28th Feb 1970) - The Instant Disguise Kit
  • Whizzer & Chips - (27th Oct 1990) - final issue

Whizzer & Chips #1 - (18th Oct 1969)


Free Gift:

sheet of 12x 'Sid Says' stickers.



This free gifts was a sheet of 12x die-cut stickers.

There are repro stickers on the market which look real but at the moment they are merely coloured copies & are not die cut stickers, i'm sure it wont take long for someone to create die-cut versions. So buyers beware.

Whizzer & Chips - (28th Feb 1970)


Free Gift - The Instant Disguise Kit



cardboard glasses with attached nose & additonal moustache housed within illustrated packet.


Additional Notes:

Almost identical to the free gift 'Buster's Dodger Kit given in Buster Comic #3 - (11th June 1960)

Whizzer & Chips - (27th Oct 1990)


Final issue



merges with Buster comic the following week