Adventure was the first of the'Big Five' boys story papers published by DC Thomson, its 1st issue was published on (17th Sept 1921) and ran for 1878 issues until (14th Jan 1961), after which it mereged with The Rover.


The free gifts to the first 18 issues where spilt between the Scottish market & British market. Each issue issued either a Scottish footballer or an English footballer trading card. only issue #4 had one card used for both countries, being Jock Marshall.

Free Gifts/comics listed to date...

  • Adventure #13 - (10th Dec 1921) - Famous British Footballers trading card- (Percy Barton)
  • Adventure #806 - (10th April 1937) - The King's Army (The Boy's Coronation Library)
  • Adventure #1551 - (9th Oct 1954) - Commando at War (Big Show Picture Album)

Adventure Comic #13

- dated (10th Dec 1921)


Free Gift:

Famous British Footballers:

Percy Barton trading card



English edition trading card

- Percy Barton (Birmingham City)


Scottish edition trading card

- Willie Crilly (Alloa Athletic)


The inside of the comic would have a bio about the player featured, so you may not know if you have the Scottish or English edition until you find the bio within.


Adventure #806

- dated (10th April 1937)


Free Gift:

The King's Army booklet


from The Boy's Coronation Library

Adventure #1551

- dated (9th Oct 1954)


Free Gift:

Commando at War

(The Big Show Picture Album)