Radio Fun


Radio Fun first appeared in (15th Oct 1938) and ran for 1167 issues until (18th Feb 1961).

Wonder comic merged in (19th Sept 1953) and the comic eventually merged itself with Buster in (26th Feb 1961)

Free Gifts/comics listed to date:

  • Radio Fun #753 - (14th March 1953) - No.1 Bumper Album of Radio & TV Stars
  • Radio Fun #806 - (20th March 1954) - Jet-Propelled Airship

Radio Fun #806 - (20th March 1954)


Free Gift:

Jet-Propelled Airship



balloon free gift

Radio Fun #753

- dated (14th March 1953)


Free Gift:

The Number One Bumper Album of Radio & TV Stars



album full of signed photos printed onto the pages rather than seperate photo cards.