The original Playtime series was a nursery comic published by the Amalgamated Press, starting on (29th March 1919). It ran for 243 issues until (12th October 1929), Young Folks Tales merged on (18th March 1922). This first series was published in an A5 size comic.

It changed to Playtime New Series on (24th Nov 1923) and ran for a further 307 issues until (12th Oct 1929) after which it was merged into Bo-Peep and Little Boy Blue.This 2nd series was presented in a tabloid format.

Playtime #1

dated - (29th March 1919)


Free Gift:

double sided toy



The free gift was a double sided toy which you would feed a rubber band through each hole in either side. This woudl spin to create the illusion of the child ridig on the back of the rhino.