The Rover #1598 Date - (11th Feb 1956) Published by DC Thomson

Free Gift issue:


Free Gifts -

The Loco Spotter's Handbook

Penny Plonk (tricks, teasers & traps with coins)


Both booklets original came as one & would be cut inhalf by the owner


  • Dopey Dan - he carries the can
  • The Bang Boys Are Here
  • Morgyn the Mighty
  • Slade Rides Alone
  • Escape From the Moon
  • I Flew with Braddock


  • The Story Behind the Badges (No. 2)

   - The Air-Sea Resue Service

  • How It Was Conquered (No. 1)

   -  The Magnetic Mine

  • Stories of the West (No.54)

       - The March of the Mormons

  • Famous British Regiments (No. 54)

  - The Royal Warwickshire Regiment