Cheeky Weekly


Cheeky Weekly ran for 117 issues from 22nd Oct 1977 until 2nd Feb 1980.

For 3 weeks between (16th Dec 1978 to 30th Dec 1978) no issues where published due to industrial action.

Free Gifts/comics listed to date...

  • Cheeky Weekly #1  -gatefold newsagents promo (approx Sept 1977)


  • Cheeky Weekly #1 - (22nd Oct 1977) - Red Jet Rattler
  • Cheeky Weekly #2 - (29th Oct 1977) - Friend of Cheeky Fun Wallet (4x versions)
  • Cheeky Weekly #3 - (5th Nov 1977) - Friend of Cheeky Badge

Cheeky Weekly #1

Newsagents promotion flyer

issued approx Sept 1977



Gatefold promo flyer:

This promotional item was sent to newsagents to make them aware of the new upcoming comic. Issued approx Sept 1977.

Detailing ordering dates & upcoming free gifts within issues #1,#2 and #3.


Additional details:

The last known copy sold online for £40.00

Cheeky Weekly #1 (22th Oct 1977)


Free Gift:


Red Jet Rattler



This paper kite or plane orignally came laid into a sheet which has to be punched out & attached to a string to fly around your head.

Cheeky Weekly #2 (29th Oct 1977)


Free Gift:

Friend of Cheeky Fun Wallet



Much like the Buster Fun Wallet from (27th Sept 1986) this paper wallet came housed flat in a sheet of cardboard with two gag strips attached at either end. This would be punched out & the wallet folded up.


Additional notes:

This free gift came in four different colours.


Cheeky Weekly #3 (5th Nov 1977)


Free Gift:


Friend of Cheeky Badge



metal badge taped to cover

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