Buster Comic


Buster Comics made its first appearence on 28th May 1960 and lasted until it's final issue on 4th January 2000.

Its became quite a flagship title with nearly all major cancelled titles eventually merging with it until Whizzer & Chips became the final comic to join in 3rd November 1990.

Free Gifts/comics listed to date:

  • Buster Birthday Club Badge - (1960s) 2x variants
  • Buster comic #1 - (28th May 1960)  - Buster's Balloon Bleeper
  • Buster comic #3 - (11th June 1960)  - Buster's Dodger Kit
  • Buster Comic - (12th Nov 1960) - Funny False Teeth
  • Buster comic - (6th Feb 1982) - 1st combined issue with Jackpot comic
  • Buster comic - (21st Sept 1985)  - Clumsy Colin's Broom Broom Bike
  • Buster comic - (27th Sept 1986)  - Buster Fun Wallet
  • Buster comic - (24th Jan 1987) - Weetabix stickers

Buster's Birthday Club Badge - 1960s


In 1960 you could join Buster's Birthday Club and receive a Buster Badge. The membership form was within the comic.

There was two versions of the badge.

The early version appeared to be made from metal, whereas the later version was plastic.

Buster's Birthday Club Badge


Description :

early 1960s - metal variant

Buster's Birthday Club Badge


Description :

mid/late 1960s - plastic variant

Buster Comic #1 - 28th May 1960


Free Gift - Buster's Balloon Bleeper



Balloon squeaker toy housed in an illustrared envelope


Buster Comic #3 - 11th June 1960


Free Gift - Buster's Dodger Kit



cardboard eyeglass with eyebrows & connecting nose & pin on moustache housed within a illustrated paper bag.

Buster Comic - (12th Nov 1960)


Free Gift - Funny False Teeth/Buster's Toothy Grin



cardboard false teeth housed in an illustrated paper packet

Buster comic & Jackpot

- dated (6th Feb 1982)


1st combinded issue with Buster & Jackpot

Buster Comic - (21st Sept 1985)


Free Gift:

- Clumsy Colin's Broom Broom Bike



Sellotaped to the comic cover housed inside a plastic bag, this cardboard bike is attached to string to be spinned around the head to make a flapping noise or 'Broom-broom' bike noise

Buster Comic - (27th Sept 1986)


Free Gift - Buster Fun Wallet



originally this paper wallet came housed flat in a sheet of cardboard with two gag strips attached at either end. This would be punched out & the wallet folded up.

doubled sided gag strips:

Movie Madness/Greengrocery Gags!

Pop Puns!/Just Joking!

Buster Comic - (24th Jan 1987)


Free Gift - Weethabix Stickers



A set of six round stickers mounted on a sheet which was originaly wrapped around the cover of the comic.