The Skipper

The Skipper comic was one of the big five storeypapers starting from (6th Sept 1930) and running for 544 issues till (1st Feb 1941).

Free Gifts/comics listed to date:

  • THe Skipper #388 - (5th Feb 1938) - The Bull's-Eye Shooter
  • The Skipper #418 - (3rd Sept 1938) - Whizz-Bang Archie: The Anti-Aircraft Gun
  • The Skipper #441 - (11th Feb 1939) - The Index Album of Speed Cars (holds 24 cards)

The Skipper #388

- dated (5th Feb 1938)


Free Gift:

The Bull's-Eye Shooter



Cardboard gun which shoots rubber bands

The Skipper #418

- dated (3rd Sept 1938)


Free Gift:

The Whizz-Bang Archie:

The Anti-Aircraft Gun.

The Skipper #441

- dated (11th Feb 1939)


Free Gift:

The Index Album of Speed Cars



An index flip up book to house up to 24No. cards of cars. These are glued into the album.

The cards where issued with each issue..



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