Krazy comic


Krazy comic ran for 79 issues between 16th Oct 1976 to 15th April 1978.

After this it merged with Whizzer & Chips.


Free Gifts listed to date...

  • Krazy comic #1 - (16th Oct 1976)-Krazy False Teeth
  • Krazy comic #2 - (23rd Oct 1976)- Super Squirt Camera
  • Krazy Comic #3 - (30th Oct 1976) - Top Pop Hummer
  • Krazy Comic - (9th April 1977) - Trick Pen Top whistle


Krazy comic #1 - (16th Oct 1976)


Free Gift - Krazy False Teeth



Attached to the cover by tape housed inside a plastic bag, these plastic 'Krazy' teeth or Vampire/Dracula teeth made a reappearance in Scream #1 in the early 80s.

Krazy comic #2 (23rd Oct 1976)


Free Gift - Superjet Camera



plastic squirt camera housed in illustrated package


Additional notes:

This free gift was orignally issued in Whizzer & Chips dated: (8th March 1975)

Krazy comic #3 - (30th Oct 1976)


Free Gift - Top Pop Hummer



A paper style kazoo toy orignally issued in a paper sleeve

Krazy comic - (9th April 1977)


Free Gift - Trick Pen Top



This plastic pen lid was a whistle in disguise. Attached to the cover with tape.