Merry & Bright (vol.2)

Merry & Bright comic first appeared in (22nd Oct 1910) published by Amalgamated Press. This first series ran for 337 issues until (31st March 1917) and was relauched as Merry & Bright: The Favorite Comic. This is a bit of a mouthful so I have just referred to it as Merry & Bright (Vol.2)

Volume 2 of the series started in (7th April 1917) and ran for a further 928 issues until (19th June 1935) after which it mereged with Butterfly.

famous artists such as Reg Parlett drew between years (1920 - 1929) & Roy Wilson drew between years (1930 - 1935)

Comics/Free Gifts listed to date...

  • Merry & Bright (Vol.2) #291 - (28th Oct 1922) - packet of sweets

Merry & Bright (Vol.2) #291

- (28th Oct 1922)


Free Gift:

a packet of sweets



This would have been a generic packet of boiled sweets in a sealed paper bag.