references & links

Using only free gifts and images of comics from my own collection would eventually leave us with a limited range to view. Therefore with the help of fellow collectors & the kind permission of ebay sellers I can expand the collection beyond what my wallet would allow.

The books of Dennis Gifford & Alan Clark have been a fantastic resource as a guide to British comics which I could not have done without. Dennis Gifford books can be found 2nd hand online & Alan Clark is still actively publishing. Phil-comics has a fantastic site with a great search engine for completed listings of his past sales. Well worth checking out.


We have a facebook group called 'Vintage British Comics & Annuals', alot of great people on there sharing comics for viewing and comics for selling. Generally celebrating vintage british comics. So check it out if you get a chance.


A huge thank you to the following collectors & sellers in helping to provide me with ref pics are listed below including worthwhile links to informitive web sites...


Irmantas Povilaika for help on Buster comics


I would also highly recommend the web site

They have a fantasic guide to the Buster comic.


Jon Tolley for help on rare Beano comics & gifts


Doug Brain for access to his rare collection of vintage free gifts

- see also his facebook auctions on behalf of the late Colin Noble -


For info on Cheeky comics, thanks to Bill. comprehensive guide to  the comic -