Cor!! comic

Cor!! #1 first appeared on the newsstands on (6th June 1970) and ran for 210 issues until (15th June 1974), it mereged with Buster comic on (22rd June 1974)

Free Gifts/comics listed to date...

  • Cor!! #1 gatefold pink flyer - design A - (approx 30th May 1970)
  • Cor!! #1 gatefold pink flyer - design B - (approx 30th May 1970)
  • Cor!! #1 - (6th June 1970) - Gulp!! fruit drink mix (2x flavours)
  • Cor!! #2 - (13th June 1970) - 2x sheets oftransfers housed in an envelope & bubble gum

Cor!!#1 - gatefold Flyers - 2 designs



These gatefold flyers where usually found in the centre pages to sister comics. Advertising either free gifts, special issues or upcoming first issues

Cor!! #1 - (6th June 1970)


Free Gift - Gulp!! fruit drink. (2x flavours)



There appears to have been two flavours, orange or lemon.

usually found taped to the cover, therefore ripping the cover or leaving behind a yellowing sellotape stain.

Cor!! #2

- (13th June 1970)


Free Gift

envelope with 2x sheets of transfers & a bubble gum