The Eagle was a boys comic printed on glossy high quailty paper, tabliod sized with full colour detailed inserts to the centre pages. The 1st series was published on (14th April 1950) and  rang until (26th April 1969), each year was given a volume number. The new series was relaunched on (27th March 1982) and rang until 1994.


Dan Dare, Captain Pugwash appeared within its pages as well as the 1st UK app of Tintin in 1951.

The format was so popular it spawned a comic for the females called Girl, a junior comic to the Eagle was published called Swift and a paper amied at the younger readers called Robin.

Comics/Free Gifts listed to date...


Eagle Comic - Vol. 15 No. 41 - (10th Oct 1964) - 4x Olympic medals

Eagle Comic Vol. 15 No. 41

dated - (10th Oct 1964)


Free Gift:

4x Olympic medals