Knockout comic - (vol.02)

The Knockout comic orignially started in (4th March 1939) & ran for 1251 issues until (16th Feb 1963), over its lifespan comics merged with the title such as, Magnet (1st June 1940) and Comic Cuts (19th Sept 1953). It has a slight title change in (10th June 1961) where it changed to Billy Bunter's Knockout but it eventually merged with Valiant.


It was relaunched with a 2nd series on (12th June 1971) & rang for 106 issues until (23rd June 1973) until it merged with Whizzer & Chips.

Comics/Free Gifts listed to date:

Knockout (vol.2) #1 - (12th June 1971) - 2x Arrow toffee bars

Knockout (vol.2) #1

dated - (12th June 1971)


Free Gift:

2x Arrow toffee bars



2x toffee bars (Creemy flavour) & (Banana Spily flavour) housed within a paper envelope attached to the inner pages of the comic.