The Dandy comic

The Dandy was first printed on (4th Dec 1937) and ran for 3610 issues until (4th Dec 2012). For a while it held the longest running comic series taking over from Comic Cuts, but since its cancellation The Beano has taken over that title.

Free Gifts/comics listed to date:

  • The Dandy #1 - (4th Dec 1937) - Express Whistler
  • The Dandy #2 - (11th Dec 1937) - Jumping Frog (red metal)
  • The Dandy #12 - (19th Feb 1938) - The Dandy Tasty Toffee

The Dandy comic #1

- dated (4th Dec 1937)


Free Gift:

The Express Whistler



This is a tin plate whistle, only one known copy

The Dandy comic #2

- dated (11th Dec 1937)


Free Gift:

Jumping Frog



red metal frog. The frog has a spring action held in place by a lump of tar attached to the underside of the frog to give it a delayed spring.

The Dandy comic #12

- dated (19th Feb 1938)


Free Gift:

The Dandy Tasty Toffee



A slab of toffee in Dandy paper wrapper